Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Strypa River

River Strypa Strypa - left tributary of the Dniester. In the area of the alloy all the wooded shore, there is no village. From Buchach in the Dniester river floats picturesque canyon. The average width of 20-30 meters. Depth of 20 cm and more. Current velocity 7 km / h (high water), in line with the stones occur.

Obstacles in fact share the river in several parts. In the beginning (on pp. Ploticha to with. Sokolniki) - partly filled with trees, spreading branches, need to be careful with the oars, carefully place between the branches, so as not to damage clothing. In the middle part (up to Buchach) many Obnosov: dam, causeway, bridges. In the area with. Zhiznomir Obnosov about 0,5 km. Below Buchach river overflows and grows shallow. Often the need to move the ship. In general, river often cross bridges, usually quite high.

River to Buchach flows through populated areas, you can always count on the supply of water in camp, medical and other assistance from the local population, affordable transport. After Buchach River deep into the thick wild forests. Around the many beautiful places for parking, but before the breakdown of the camp to explore the presence of sources.

WHAT IT COST TO SEE traveling along Strypa?

On the shores Strypa are lots of interesting local history objects. Zarvanytsia - a place of joint worship with healing springs, a temple. In summer, thousands of Christians gathered for the general confession, prayer. In with. Belyavintsy great Ukrainian born actress Solomiya Krushelnytska. She dedicated the museum in the village. In with. Rukomish are travertine caves hollowed monks chapel in the rock.

Nearby smt Podzamochek that several of Buchach on the left side are seen the ruins of the castle. City Buchach as zest, decorated with ancient river houses. On a hill towering ruins of the remarkable Buchatsk castle, the walls of which roars artificial waterfall. In with. Sokilets is an old church. In the area with. Zhiznomir on the right side in the woods on the hill is a monastery, next to the source. In the area with. Rusyliv - rusilovskih cascade of waterfalls.