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Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Stryj River

River StryjStry - the largest tributary of the Dniester. The origins of taking on the wooded slopes of the Skole Beskydy. The width of the channel in the upper - 30-50 meters, in the middle course - 50-80 meters in the lower reaches - up to 150 meters. In the upstream flow velocity reaches places 4 meters per second, in the lower reaches - 1,5-2 meters per second. In line with many small rapids, shoals, clamps, shiver.

In the high water route can be started from the village of Upper Visotske or from the village of Klymets. In the upper river is very winding, steep high banks, swift current. Below Turks River winds between steep wooded banks, which do not always have a convenient outlet. In the mean water Stry on this site is grows shallow, the possible entry of ships. During the flood, on the contrary, rolls are closed, but in some places there are slanting shafts and strong clamps. Village of New Kropivnik located 40 kilometers from the Turks, the width of the channel is 40-60 meters.

At the confluence of Stry its main tributary Reliance is BHT Top Syn'ovydne. In the Upper Valley Syn'ovydne Stry expands and reaches the mainstream 100-150 meters. On the river there are many islands, rafting trees. After the city Stryj river becomes flat in nature, decreases the rate of flow, the river becomes safer. The most favorable time to explore the upper reaches of Stry - April-May, and in the middle and lower reaches - April-October.

What is worth seeing, traveling along Stry?

Below Podgorodtsev, near the village Urych are the rock on which the period of Kievan Rus was the defensive stronghold of strategic importance - Tustan. Currently, the village has a beautiful museum, where you can learn a lot about this heroic period of the life of Kievan Rus.

Some with. Lower Syn'ovydne can climb the rocks, inselbergs on the steep right bank with a fantastic view of the whole Sinevidskuyu valley. In half an hour walk from there is with Stry. Rozgirche, passing through which is easy to find a cave monastery.

Maps of River Stry

Stryj River MapPlease find maps of different parts of River Stryj itinerary by clicking on the scheme above.