Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Smotrych River

River Smotrych1st day - Kamyaekts Podolsky. Day 2: Kamenets-Podolsky - Tsviklevtsy, 30 km 3rd day: Tsviklevtsy - Luca Vrublevskaya, 34 km; ll-d: Lyka-Bpyblevskaya - Stydenitsy, 30 km Day 4: Studenica - Old ushytsia , 22 km.

Below Kamenetz-Podolsk in the river shallows and found the dam, and farther shore, the wooded, step aside and catamarans leave for a vast reservoir Tsviklevskoy GEC. NA B & B you can stop before reaching the village Tsviklevtsy. After a hydroelectric dam to the confluence of the Dniester Smotricha is 2 km. With the release of the Dniester can feel powerful over the big river. The banks are high, often rocky, covered with sparse vegetation. Below is found the forest. Break at the camp can be far from the village of Luka-Vrublevskaya. In the vicinity of the village were excavated one of the largest in Ukraine rannetripolskogo settlement. Now there is an archaeological reserve.

Next, the high bank of the Dniester, a very picturesque, covered with dense forest. On the river of many islands covered with luxuriant and lush vegetation in the spring grow wild plum and dogwood. At the village Studenytsya - a whole range of islands and, as a rule, near the islands - rapids. Pass them better under the right shore. Navigable channel width of 10-12 m recorded milestones. You can spend the night at cela Studenica, and the next day to finish a trip to Old Ushitza. hence the bus can go in Kamenetz-Podolsk, and more trains in either direction.