Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Sluch Riwer

River Sluch Sluch River paved its channel through the Ukrainian crystalline shield that formed the surrounding landscape. The banks are high, often steep, covered with brushwood and mixed forests. Exits rocks form a picturesque cluster of stones on the shores, cliffs, rock cliffs. Occasionally rocky shoals, rapids, Shiver. The flow of the river fairly quickly, especially in the shallows. Passage route is complicated by numerous artificial obstacles in the form of damaged dam and bridge, which formed rapids of varying difficulty. At the current dams will have to do Obnosov.

What to be seen traveling along Sluch River?

In the course of the route, "many old and even ancient, bridges, mills, churches, quarries and other interesting objects. Among the most interesting monuments can see the two castles and a fortress built by Bogdan Khmelnitsky and partially destroyed by the Bolsheviks. Before 1939 the river border between the Eastern and Western Ukraine. On the right bank of common building: machine-gun and artillery pillboxes, which are of great interest.

Near the village Gulsk is a mountain in which there are underground passages, which are connected by vertical shafts from the pillboxes guarding the once strategic railroad bridge. In the middle of the route of the river flows through the city Novograd-Volyn. This city is home to Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka. Below the village of River Pines leaves the territory of the Ukrainian Polesie, becoming more calm.