Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Prut River

Prut RiverProut, probably the second most popular among tourists conductors Carpathian river. In high water this river is sometimes very complex and its successful passage is a credit to anyone. It is a pity that the water level in Prutt very capricious and unpredictable.

Interesting for the alloy in a medium or high water section of the river from Vorokhta in Yaremcha length of approximately 30 kilometers. Here there are different thresholds of average complexity, among which are the end Tristupinchaty Vorokhta, Vodospadny near the village of Mykulychyn, Kosy between Mykulychyn and Yaremche.

But the most difficult place of the river - Yaremchansky canyon nearly a mile long, which starts in Yaremcha round tourist center "Huzulschyna" on the right side and ends after 200-300 meters after Break waterfall near the road bridge across a river. Canyon makes almost non-stop, with brief interruptions, overcome the rather complex thresholds, in particular, Carpathian, pritisk Dovbusha and, of course, he falls. It should be noted that at low water rafting down the canyon through a difficult Milin, and at high - very dangerous. A passage from the waterfall is to abstain in any water level.