Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Limnyca River

Limnica RiverLomnica is one of the cleanest rivers in Ukraine. At its banks no industrial enterprise. Its length is 122 km in the upper valley is narrow, steep banks, in an area. Ash - asymmetric, with a low right and high left bank. Below - the valley Lomnica trapezoid, 4 - 7 km in width, in the lower reaches of its width is reduced to 2 km. The bed Lomnica rocky, the average current forks into the sleeves. The width of the Carpathians it reaches 20 - 60 m, depth 2 m. The slope of the river - 9,4 m / km.

WHAT IT COST TO SEE traveling along LOMNICA?

In the tract of recruitment on the left bank begins route to Galicia caves "- then goes through the village and pass Temirevtsy Halych National Park. The path marked, about three hundred meters, before turning into the woods and up, it goes along the river, against its current. From coast can be seen behind the fish that accumulate in the pits. Visit the rock Barsukov, that has a height of approximately 15 meters. On its slope does live badgers family. Animals trodden path leads to a wide entrance into a deep hole.

To get to the top of the cliffs Sokolsky, should be landing in the tract of Dubrava. Ekol-cognitive (also marked with a) the path leads past the oak forest pond to the mound - here in the 30's of last century archaeologist Jaroslav Pasternak opened the burial of the early period of bronze. We leave to the healing springs. Limestone cliffs Sokolsky famous caves. For some of them the right equipment. It is believed that this vein monks ascetics.

In the village Zalukva on the shore can be seen leaning on the old river atypical tombstones. This cemetery, which preserved burial XVII century - the last home of the local Karaite community.