Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Zbruch River

River Zbruch Scala-Podolsky-Dniester (72 km) - Hawtin (10 km).

In contrast to the Dniester River, its tributaries almost unknown to a wide range of tourist-tors, although some of them quite interesting, among them in the first place should be put, apparently, Zbruch. Since Smotrich flowing through the city-reserve Kamenetz-Podolsk, after completion of construction Novodnestrovskaya GES for several tens of kilometers into a bay reservoir, which greatly hurt him as canoeing river.

Zbruch for centuries served overseas in Turkey and Poland, and the end of XVIII century - Austria and Russia. On the banks of the river and now the ruins of old castles, monuments of the Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox and Jewish cultures.

In the upper reaches flows in broad, sometimes marshy valley. Here, where the river crosses Toltrovy ridge, the valley is narrow, with steep limestone cliffs along the banks. The beginning of the route - from the city of Ternopil (railway station Lviv - Khmelnitsky), then by road to the village of Satan.

WHAT IT COST TO SEE traveling along Zbruch?

Lovers of antiquity around Satanova should explore the caves, the remains of stone walls and towers. Between Satanova and goose in the river empties into Zbruch rotten. The next item on the road - the village Gusyatin. Its ancient origin of the remains indicate the settlement, which were found during excavations of ancient weapons and household items. In the vicinity of many mounds. Of the monuments are the ruins of the castle-fortress of the XVII century., Bernardine monastery in the XVI. and the Church of the XV century. After the goose will meet another big settlement - Rock-Podolsk. In the area of the Rock-Podolsk, the river enters a canyon valley with high rocky slopes (open or covered with sparse forest), accompanying the river up to the Dniester.

Approximately 10 km to the confluence with the Dniester Zbruch becomes appreciable backwater Novodnestrovskaya HPS; over weakening, and the width of the river rises to 200 - 300 m. The width of the dam backed by the Dniester River in the vicinity of the confluence Zbruch - more than 300 m, but its banks are high and picturesque. Journey ends at the walls of the fortress Khotyn. After examining her, should rise in the city to the bus station (about 1 km), where you can go to Chernivtsi or in Kamenetz-Podolsk, as he and other city would be worthy of the crown of the journey. Especially good to pass on Zbruch during flowering gardens, which usually occurs in the second half of April.