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Weather in Carpathians

Weather forecast for Carpathians shown below is the most accurate of all available online weather forecasts. This is a three-day weather forecast for Carpathian Mountains - longer period cannot provide an accurate enough weather forecast, and actually our rafting tours rarely lasts longer than three days. Our weather forecast for Carpathians updated four times a day and hourly graph depicting precise changes in weather in the Carpathian Mountains, which are evaluated using the following indicators:

  • temperature
  • rain
  • sea level pressure
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • visibility
  • clouds

Weather in Carpathians changes rapidly. That’s why any usual weather forecasts for Carpathians are not precise enough for the purposes of preparation for rafting tour. Some times it happens that weather in Carpathian Mountains changes several times a hour - especially in the spring.

When you plan your rafting tour, we recommend this weather forecast for Carpathians - not only accurate but also detailed enough, hourly updated free-day forecast for Carpathians. From the precise information on weather in Carpathians, depends your comfort during the rafting tour: it is important not to take anything extra and at the same time to take all necessary staff – this is the secret of a successful rafting tour, especially if it lasts few days.

Do not forget to check weather for Carpathians once again before you depart for our rafting tour.