Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Svicha River

Svicha RiverRight tributary of the Dniester, the length of 106 km, flows into the Dniester below the city Zhuravne. Like most of the Carpathian rivers, a large mass of water candle throws during the spring snowmelt and summer - when it rains. The spring snowmelt determines a sharp rise of water in the summer - the same during the rains, which are not uncommon. The water level can rise up to 2 m or more. The whole river for the complexity and nature is divided into three sections.

Mountain section - from source to the 68-th km. from the mouth (above the village Shevchenkovo). On the mountain area the river flows in a narrow v-like valley. So here are almost all thresholds and shivery candles. Slopes are steep valleys, covered with dense forests.

Foothill area - from 68-th km. from the mouth to the mouth. Vitvitsy (50 km from the mouth of the candles). Above the village Shevchenkovo river leaves the mountains. The valley is broad. The bed - solid deposits, dissected branches of the river to the islands, islets, shoals. The banks are low, overgrown with willows.

The flat land - from the mouth of Vitvitsy to the Dniester. In the lower reaches of this calm river, which flows between the fields and meadows. The valley is very wide, it slopes away from the rivers. Here - the industrial nature of the obstacles: bridges and bridges, nizkovisyaschie rope ferries.

Best time to travel to Candles - spring, until mid-May. In the summer of possible alloy after showers. The route of the candles to estimate the second category of complexity, but it must be borne in mind that the upper river is more complex and require maximum attention and skill during the passage. Especially at high water. At the 30-mile upper section of the channel candles - a complete obstacle to a rather complex alloy with a high velocity.