Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Stohod River

Stohod River Stokhid flows through glacial and is a right tributary of the Pripyat length - 188 km. The width of the channel mostly 5 - 15 m, maximum - 60 m, the river is divided into numerous straits and the old channel (hence the name - "one hundred and-turn").

It has long been on the high water Stokhod fused bundles of wood harvested in the winter - "Goma", ie Gusochka who come to the shore of Povorska to Pinsk for two weeks. Heavy pack, rushing flood, kept track of the main flow - Struga. In 60-ies alloy woods anymore. River became overgrown. Ducts are often obstructed ezami - pens made out of poles for fishing. Board - archaic hives - even today be seen in the villages along the banks - mighty pile high in the canopy of oaks.

Above Stokhod held the front line with the June 1916 to August 1917 between the Austro-Hungarian-German and Russian troops. Before Pripyat delta forms extensive marshes with pools are built, straits and islands. It created Biosphere Reserve. Among other animals in this territory is inhabited by beavers, otters, black stork.