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Latest River Data

Ukrainian River Forecast for Spring 2011

This year the hydrological situation in Ukraine is very different from the last year. It also predicts large differences for the left bank and right bank of river Dnieper. Dengerous hydrological situation is in the upper Pripyat basin and its tributaries within the Volyn region as well as the Lower Horyn (Rivne region).

Latest River DataThis winter in general there was higher water lever that in several rivers reached the average long-term flood peaks. Given above hydrological model was formed according to data as of 10 February and the average weather conditions for March:

- The ordinal spring flood this year at its maximum level on the most of the Ukrainian rivers will be close and above the average as well as above the last year level, save Pripyat basin, where the river level will excepted to be slightly above the average;

- On the Upper Dnieper, Sozh, Desna River and some of the left-bank rivers of Ukraine the spring-flood will be significant. In Pripyat basin it could not only be intense, but may last for long period of time;

- Total volume of river flow of this spring may be close to the average, for example, there was a similar situation in spring 2008 when the snow accumulation was similar;

- A lot depends on the precipitation, which potentially can cause repeated floods during this spring.

Quite dangerous may appear the situation on the Western Bug river.

The mountain rivers in the Carpathian region are always a cause of a potential danger during the springtime. The actual situation in the Carpathian region does not give grounds to expect a high spring flow and its negative effects. However, under these conditions greatly increases the likelihood of repeated floods caused by intense rains and melting snow accumulated even in minor quantities in the mountains (the example is the flooding in Transcarpathia in March 2001).