Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Rika River

Rika RiverLength Rica - 92 km. Its valley is v-similar in width from 40 to 500 m, in areas of the foothills - trapezoid, up to 4 - 5 km. width. The plant in the upper and middle reaches of the width from 40 to 100 m around with. Lypcha extends to 500 m and 6ilshe, in the lower reaches of the dissected crescent lakes and straits. The bed of sinuous, branched, the area between the villages of Torun, and birch are the thresholds, many islands. Width of the river mainly 20-50 m, maximum - 100 m. The slope of the river 10 m / km.

On Rica is Tereblya-Rikskaya HPS as well as in the lower reaches - the city of Hust, numerous recreation. At many polling stations carried Consolidation. If you start a journey from the Lower Quick and continue on to the Tisza Vinogradova, length of the route will be about 70 km.