Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Parashka Mountain Hiking

Parashka Our favorite hike to Mt. Parashka, the highest point in Beskydy Mountain, is 2 or 3 days trail through lush forests and along bald mountain ridge. There are only a few hiking trails in the surrounding Beskydy Mountains. Avoid the crowds at Parashka trail and get excellent views with this 60 km. roundtrip hike.

1 day - Mt. Korchanka Climb

Mt. Korchanka can be seen from downtown Skole on a clear day. It's easy to pick out since it has a transmission tower on the top! The 10 km. forest hiking trail to the 1178m. summit is quite strenuous. Though entire trail goes through lush forests there are fantastic views from Korchanka Mountain.

Parashaka Mountain

2 day - Parashka Ridge Hiking.

For sweeping 360-degree views, roam the bald mountaintops. Almost entirely devoid of trees above 1000m/, the summit is more reminiscent of Charnogora Mountain Ridge than Beskydy Mountains.

3 day – Korchyn Valley Descent (Gurkalo Waterfall)

This forestry trail features a wonderful Gurkalo waterfall in a 10km-long valley filled with wildflowers and surrounded by Parashka Mountain Ridge.