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Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Rafting in Ukraine Rafting Tours

Combine your rafting trip with other outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking or horseback riding. “Rafting Ukraine” offers many exciting trips that combine rafting hiking, cycling and relaxation. Whatever your level of experience or fitness, we have a trip that fits your needs.

We operate in such regions of Western Ukraine as Podolye, Carpathian Mountains Transcarpathian Region and Polesye. All this regions are famous for their wild nature beauties.

The region of Podolia, Podilia or Podillya is famous for its deep and narrow river valleys, historical heritage, caves and castles. This region is less known between wild-nature lovers, but it is still to be discovered in the future. This one of the best destinations in Ukraine. Podolia rafting tour could be combined with horseback riding.

Polesia, Polissya, Palyes'sye, Poles'ye , or Polesie is one of the largest European swampy areas. Napoleon and Hitler’s military campaigns were planned in a way to avoid this area. Polesia was perfect cover for gorilla forces during the Second World War. Vast swamps of Pripyat River and its tributaries, pine and birch forests, fairytale lakes and endless canebrake makes polesia perfect destination for the flat-water rafting tours combine with camping, relaxation, meditation, yoga etc.

Ukrainian Carpathians are one of the wildest mountains in Europe. Mostly covered with forests, almost with no national parks and marked roads, Carpathians are the perfect destination for the white-water rafting tours combined with other outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking etc.

Transcarpathian Region is known for its warm climate volcanic mountains, castles, resorts and wonderful wide nature. Transcarpathian Region is a multicultural region – Ukrainians, Rusins, Hungarian, Romanians and Roma live here together. Transcarpathian Region is a perfect destination to combine either a white-water rafting tour or a flat-water rafting tour with such activities as climbing and hiking.


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