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Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Rafting in Ukraine River Map of Ukraine
River Map of Ukraine

River Map of Ukraine shows suitable for Rafting rivers and river basins of Ukraine. Basically we offer rafting in the river basins of Dnister and Tisa. These rivers basins include both white-water rivers and flat-water rivers.

Dniester River Basin, except for Dniester River, includes the following flat-water rivers: Zbruch, Smotrych. And following white-water rivers: Stryj, Lomnica, Svicha and Mizunka.

Tisza river basin includes such interesting for white-water rafting rivers as Latoritca and Rika.

River Map of Ukraine shows the location of such little known but very interesting for rafting rivers as Stokhod, Strypa etc.

The image below shows only the western part of the River Map of Ukraine - actually the rivers, which are convenient for rafting with departure from Lviv. Go to the full version of the River Map of Ukraine. More detailed Ukrainian Rivers Maps may be found in the rivers description section.

River Map of Ukraine