Rafting in Ukraine


Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Latorica River

Latorica RiverThe longest river in Transcarpathia - Latoritca (182 km). In the upper reaches - a typical mountain river, flowing in a narrow wooded valley. However difficult, dangerous rapids on it there. Below Svalyava valley widens, shoals becoming increasingly rare, the banks have become more populated, the forests were gradually replaced by gardens. Below Mukachevo Latoritca into a tranquil river with a few rifts.

Full route from the village to Kichorka Chop - about 150 km. However, the most complex and interesting plot (to Svalyava) is available only in April and May. On this route you can visit the many historical and cultural monuments: the Chynadiyevo - Schönborn Palace (XIX cent.), In Mukachevo - lock "Palanok" (fourteenth century.) Palace of the White House "(the eighteenth century.) Etc.