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Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Dnister Canyon

Dnister If you think that white water rafting a little more ambitious than you are ready for, try a flat water rafting expedition instead. We offer such kind of trips on the Dnister River (on the map) that runs through the Dnister Canyon, one of Europe's largest canyons with a depth of 100 to 250 meters and a length of 250 km.

The magnificent landscapes and fantastic curves of the Dnister Canyon are strikingly picturesque throughout its entire path. But there is an area of the canyon especially popular among tourists: from the village of Luka to the city of Zalishchyky. Rafting between the high Dnister walls is exhilarating.

Dnister Canyon Our Dnister rafting voyage mean putting yourself in a whole new relationship with one of the last European biological diversity and untouched nature of Dnister Canyon, seeing surrounding wilderness from a very unique and unobstructed perspective. Enjoy the scenery on easy, flat-water sections on Dnister River. This river trip is mostly about having fun breaking free from the pressures of modern life. It could be also a family river trip appropriate for children.

Dnister Canyon emerged as a result of a rockslide from within the Podilski heights at the border of Ternopilska and Ivano-Frankivska Oblast. It is mostly green-covered steep slopes alternating with rocky, abrupt cliffs and ravines. Waterfalls surround the riverbed, the former cave cells of hermit monks dug out of the shale riverbanks, tumbledown castles and other sites of interest.