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Adventurous Rafting in Ukraine
Rafting in Ukraine Cheremosh
Cheremosh River

Cheremosh RiverBlack Cheremosh - the only mountain river Ukraine, where every spring the water rises to the appropriate level for the alloy in bulk vessels. The upper part of the Black Cheremosh - from a. Burkut to end with. Green - Shiver is characterized by low or medium complexity. Here you can select only one more or less complicated threshold - Lower Birdie known fact that quite often it exploded the boat.

In the section on pp. Green up with. Krasnik, about 10 km, concentrated all the thresholds defining the Black Cheremosh - Upper and Lower Dzembronya, white mare, Upper and Lower Guk. The rate of flow in this region is big enough - at least 10 km / h, the width of the river, an average of 30 m. In this region there are almost all possible types of water barriers, more or less expressive form.

In the section below with. Krasniqi, the river calms down, below pp. Verkhovyny starts again rapids area, which stretches to the merger with White Cheremosh. Thresholds White Cheremosh located in the upper reaches of the river and, in general, have greater difficulty than the thresholds of the Black Cheremosh. But unfortunately, unlike the Black Cheremosh, the White is much more difficult to catch the water level high enough to make the alloy.

In the village Usteriki, Black and White Cheremosh, merged to form the river Cheremosh. It is much easier its upper tributaries, the obstacles encountered on the site to a. Vyzhnytsia. In the area with. Vyzhnytsia is an interesting threshold - Amigo, which appeared quite recently, in consequence of the formation of a new river channel. The threshold is a drain about two meters, which is an influx of almost invisible.