River Zrmanja

River Zrmanja
  • Departure point: Kaštel Žegarski
  • The route ends: Muskovci
  • Length and duration: 10 km, 3,5 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, WW II / III

Rafting in Croatia

You’ll feel like you’re in the Wild West if you chose a rafting trip down the Zrmanja River. The canyons of the Zrmanja and Krupa Rivers in the Velebit Nature Park are simply stunning. The pristine waters have a green hue; there are rapids and waterfalls and swimming holes tucked out of view.

You will explore a typical karst phenomenon – travertine waterfalls. The trip begins in Kaštel Žegarski, a mere one hour drive from Zadar. You will gradually enter the canyon. The first hour involves gentle rapids; then you’ll come to the beautiful Kupa waterfall and where you’ll take a break to go for a dip. More waterfalls and rapids await you as you continue down the Zrmanja to Muskovci where the trip ends.

The water level is lower in summer, varied in spring and autumn. No previous experience required.

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