River Struma

River Struma
  • Location: Take road E79 to Simitli or Kresna.
  • Starting point: Near rafting camp “Adventure Net” (second tunnel after Blagoevgrad, right turn). 41°50'04.5"N 23°09'11.1"E
  • Length and duration: length: 11 km, 3 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, WW III / VI+

The Struma River flows from the Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria through Greece before dumping into the Aegean Sea. The river transforms itself after the Kresna Gorge making it an interesting river for paddlers of every ability level.

The first section consists of nine Class II-III rapids. After that you can take on the Class III Two by Four rapids and the Class III+ or IV Kazan Rapids; if you prefer you can avoid these more difficult rapids by carrying your raft along the nearby road. The second section kicks off with a 1km long stretch of rapids followed by more Class II-III rapids. There’s a boat launch on the left bank about 2 km beyond the motels that you see from the river. The road is a mere 100 meters away. The Struma River is rated as a Class III river but some sections reach Grade III+ or IV in the spring.

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