River Stokhid

River Stokhid

The 188 km long Stokhid River runs through the Volyn Polesia and is the right tributary of the river Prypiat. The river’s average width is 5-15 meters; at its widest point it spans 60 meters. It has numerous channels and old river beds, hence its name which means one hundred paths.

In ancient times, the high waters of the Stokhid were used for log driving; this was termed goosing as geese covered this route from Povors’k to Pinsk in two weeks. The heavy logs, carried by flood waters, kept to the river’s main channel. In the 60s logging ceased and riparian vegetation became more prolific. The river’s small tributaries are often sectioned off to provide fishing holes. Visitors can see old fashioned beehives made of hollowed out logs attached to ancient oak trees in villages along the bank.

Ріка Стохід

The front line between the Russians and the Germans and Austro-Hungarians was located just north of the Stokhid from June 1916 through August 1917. The Stokhid creates vast marshlands and a calm water surface before emptying into the Prypiat where a biosphere preserve was created. Beavers, otters and black storks are among some of the animals that live on the Stokhid.

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