River Smotrych

River Smotrych
  • Lengh 169 km (105 mi)
  • Basin 1,800 km² (695 sq mi)
  • Region Khmelnytskyi Oblast
  • Map Smotrych
  • Photos 1
  • Source 49°22′20″ N 26°43′19″ E
  • Mouth river Dnieter

Day 1— Kamyanets-Podilsky. Day 2— Kamyanets-Podilsky to Tsviklevtsi (30 km). Day 3—Tsviklevtsi to Luka-Vrubl’ovs’ka (34 km). Day 4-- Luka-Vrubl’ovs’ka to Studenytsia (30 km). Day 5—Studenytsia to Stara Ushytsia (22 km).

Downstream from Kamyanets-Podilsky the Smotrych river becomes quite shallow because of a dam located on the Dniester. Further along the forest covered banks disappear and the catamarans enter the Tsviklevtsi Hydro-electric station’s reservoir. Camp can be set up just before the village of Tsviklevtsi. Two kilometers after the hydro-electric station’s dam the Smotrych dumps into the Dniester.

Rafting on the Smotrych

Once on the Dniester the strong current of a large river is palpable. The river banks are high, often cliffy and covered with low vegetation. Further downstream the river enters the forest. Stop for a break near the village of Luka-Vrubl’ovs’k where archeologists found one of the largest early Trypillian settlements. The area has been turned into an archeological preserve.

Further on, the banks of the Dniester are high and picturesque, covered with thick forest. There are many islands in the river which are covered in lush vegetation; dogwood and plum trees blossom in the spring. Near the village of Studenytsia—there is a whole chain of islands and not surprisingly, there are rapids near them. It is best to hug the right bank when attempting to navigate them. The 10-12 meter wide ship channel is marked by buoys. Pitch a tent in the village of Studenytsia; the following day travelers will continue to Stara Ushytsia where they’ll get a bus back to Kamyanets-Podilsky.

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