River Svicha

River Svicha

As with most Carpathian rivers the Svicha River rises with the melting snow and summer rains. The spring thaw causes a sharp rise in the water level as do the quite commonplace summer rains. It is not unusual for the water level to rise 2 meters or more. The river is divided into three distinct sections.

The mountainous section extends 68 km downstream of the source (above the village of Shevchenkove). In this section the river runs in a narrow V shaped river bed. Nearly all the rapids and riffles are in this section. The river banks are steep and covered with old, dense forests.

The foothill section—starting 68 km upstream from its mouth and ending 18 kilometers later at the mouth of the Vytvytsya. The river exits the mountains above the village of Shevchenkove; during this transition the riverbed widens. The riverbed is covered in sediment dissected by channels into islands and swept up to create shoals. The low banks are lined with willows.

Rafting on Svicha River

The flats section—from the mouth of the Vytvytsya to the Dniester. In its lower reaches it is a calm river which runs between fields and meadows. The river bed is very wide and the banks are pushed back from the water’s edge. In this section the obstacles are man-made: bridges, footbridges and the sagging ropes of rope pulley ferries.

The best time to raft down the Svicha is in the spring to the middle of May. In the summer the river can only be navigated when it’s flooded. It is a grade two river but its upper reaches are more difficult and require attention and skill to navigate, especially when the water level is high. The current is swift in the first 30 km, making it a challenge to navigate.

Rafting from Morshyn

From Morshyn it is convenient to raft either on the River Stryj or River Svicha - both flow not far from Morshyn and to get to the rafting destinations is not a problem.

The best "Rafting Morshyn" itinerary is River Svicha from the village of Bolekhiv. If the group expects more whitewater and is trained respectively, the rafting trip can take place from Pereginske or even higher. In Pereginske there is one rather complicated and sometimes even dangerous rapid.

Svicha and Mizunka Rivers in their upper reaches are real whitewater and such rafting trip is not for faint of heart. However, the disadvantage of this whitewater rafting is that the upper reaches of River Svicha in summer are often shallow and thus this option of "Rafting Morshyn" unfortunately totally depends on weather conditions.

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