Rivers of Polesia - Pripyat Basin

Rivers of Polesie

The Pripyat, Sluch, Stokhid and other rivers have a large impact on the topography of Polesia. Their riverbeds are fairly wide and their banks are scattered with dunes, sand ridges and mounds. These rivers frequently have islands and many parallel channels.

The river network in Polesia is quite dense. These rivers are generally calm, have gentle gradients and a well-defined course. The floodplains in the valleys contain many lakes. Swamps are also abundant in Polesia.

Some rivers in Polesia, particularly in the Zhytomyr region, flow in 25-30 meter deep canyons. Examples include the Uzh in Korosten’, the Sluch in Novohrad-Volyns’kyi, the Ubort in Olevs’k, the Irsha in Volodars’k-Volyns’kyi and the Kam’yanka in Zhytomyr. The rivers in the Zhytomyr region of Polesia have a swift current, shoals and even rapids.

River Sluch

River Sluch

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