Rivers of Transcarpathia

River Rika

River Rika

Rika is possibly the only one of Tisa’s tributaries which is easily navigable in a catamaran for four in the summer months. The voyage along the Tisa from Nyzhnyi Bystryi to Vynohradiv, near the Romanian border, is about 70 km and takes anywhere from 4 to 6 days. The Rika dumps into the Tisa near the town of Khust.

The Rika is interesting because of the Tereble-Ritska Hydro Electric station—the aqueduct which delivers additional water from the neighboring Tereblya River to the hydroelectric station is located on the Rika. The hydroelectric station is located on Rika’s left channel between Podchumal and Nyzhnii Bystryi.

Rika River Rafting

The channel on which the hydro-electric station is situated should be avoided when rafting. When the Rika is flooded the voyage can be started upstream of the hydro electric station. When the water is low it is better to launch vessels in the reservoir discharge.

Usually the dam gates are open after heavy rains. The reservoir continues to fill after flooding has subsided. The gates are usually closed at night and during the weekends when the demand for electricity is low.

The Rika has grade 1 and grade 2 rapids. Most of them are located between the power station and the end of Nyzhnii Bystryi. They are visible from the highway. There are many, fairly high, suspension bridges. The Rika valley is heavily settled; the settlements get progressively denser as you move downstream.

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