Rivers of Transcarpathia

River Tisa

River Tisa

The Chorna Tisa, like the Cheremosh, is one of the largest and most difficult rivers in the Carpathian Mountains. Its entire course is contained in a very narrow riverbed flanked by beautiful evergreen forests. The canyon between Kvasy and Rakhiv is particularly impressive.

On average the Chorna Tisa’s gradient is 19m/km and its current moves at 3m/sec. Because the river has been used for rafting for many years its riverbed has been cleared of big rocks.


The main obstacles in its course are 0.5-0.8 meter high rock slabs, strainers, 0.8 meter standing waves and manmade structures (walls, dikes, etc.). The most difficult stretch starts 10-15km upstream of Rakhiv (a canyon which contains rock slabs). When the water is high the voyage can start at the Apshenets reservoir, 50km upstream of Rakhiv.

In Rakhiv itself, downstream of the lumber mill there is a 1 meter high rapid. From Yasinia, the river is navigable practically all season (in some sections when the water is low boats must be portaged).

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