Rivers of Slovakia

River Vah

River Vah
  • Target group: rafting for everyone, no experience necessary
    1. Part 1: Červený kút – Uhorská Ves
    2. Part 2: Lipovec - Strečno
  • Difficulty: low / moderate, WW I – II
    1. Part 1: no restrictions
    2. Part 2: possible only when dam Krpelany is open
  • Lengh and duration:
    1. Part 1: 11 km – app. 1,5 - 2 hours
    2. Part 2: 8 km – app. 1- 1,5 hours

    Part 1: Červený kút – Uhorská Ves

    The Váh is the longest river in Slovakia. We’ve chosen the most beautiful stretch of the river; it also happens to be particularly well suited for recreational rafting and for parties with children. We start at the confluence of the Biely and Cierny Vah Rivers and end at Uhorska Ves.

    Part 2: Lipovec – Strečno

    This stretch of the River Vah runs through a deep gorge in the Malá Fatra National Park with beautiful surroundings and enough obstacles to keep the rafting interesting. It includes the Margita and Besna rapids and is one of the last unregulated gorges on the Vazska cascade. Along the banks are the ruins of two ancient castles which give paddlers the impression that they’re in a fairytale. After leaving the gorge and Stary Hrad Castle the trip ends near Strecno Castle.

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