Rivers of Slovakia

River Orava

River Orava
  • Target group: rafting for everyone, no experience necessary
    1. Part 1: Oravský Podzámok – Dolný Kubín
    2. Part 2: Dolný Kubín – Kraľovany
  • Difficulty: Low, WW I – I+
    1. Part 1: possible in high water only
    2. Part 2: possible around the year
  • Lengh and duration:
    1. Part 1: 13 km – app. 2 hours
    2. Part 2: 17 km – app. 2 - 2,5 hours

    The Orava River is a calm waterway suitable for beginners and for those vacationing with children. The obstacles are minor and the pristine surrounding wilderness is spectacular.

    When the water is high the Orava can be navigated from Tyrdosin to Kralovany where it meets the Vah River. A great advantage of this trip is that there are relatively few mosquitos compared to other Southern Slovakian rivers.

    Our trip takes travelers through our favorite section of the Orava—from the Orava Castle to Kralovany. This trip can be completed in one day with a stop at the Tilia Gacel campground near Dolny Kubin for lunch. If you chose to make the trip in two days, we spend the night there and continue downriver in the morning.

    To book Rafting on the Orava River please fill in an event booking form or, alternatively, send us a message.

    After the confirmation, we'll ask you to pay a deposit – 50% of the price. The rest could be paid upon the arrival.