Rivers of Romania

River Olt

River Olt
    • Location: Lunca Calnicului – Podu Olt / Brasov.
    • Starting point: Lunca Calnicului.
    • Lengh and duration: 17 km, 3-4 hours
    • Difficulty: Easy, WW I

    Being one of the widest rivers in all of Romania, the Olt can offer something for every paddler depending on their level of experience. It has breathtaking scenery and several sections which are suitable for rafting. Difficulty levels range from the easiest to the most difficult.

    The stretch between Lunca Calnicului and Podu Olt is calm, relaxing stretch. The water depth his usually 1-1.5m deep and the flow is gentle. Along the banks are historic fortified churches and fortresses and great landscapes.

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