River Mrežnica

River Mrežnica
  • Departure point: Generalski stol
  • The route ends: Zvecaj village by the Zeleni kut restaurant
  • Length and duration: 5 km, 1 hour.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, WW I / II

Rafting in Croatia

The Mreznica River is renowned for its 93 waterfalls and the pools of warm water nestled between them. These pools are the perfect places to escape from the usual beach crowds. There are several different rafting itineraries to choose from on the Mreznica; they can be combined for a multiday trip.

The lower reaches of the Mrežnica River are suitable for beginners, those traveling with children or for those who prefer a gentle relaxing paddle.

The upper reaches have several waterfalls that reach up to 10 m. They create warm pools of water, perfect for taking a swim break. Along the upper reaches there are slides and waterfalls, you can jump of cliffs or hike through the canyon. Some of the larger waterfalls can be navigated because of naturally occurring water slides, at other times you need to either jump into the pool downstream or walk around the cascade; other travertine barriers can be crossed by raft.

The middle sections have many travertine barriers but their maximum height is 3 m. These sections are good for a relaxing family paddle tour packed with swimming and playing in waterfalls. There are approximately 15 waterfalls on the middle section.

Upper Mreznica Canyon

  • Departure point: The bridge near Primislje
  • The route ends: Generalski stol
  • Length and duration: 16 km, 5 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, WW II / III

In this section the Mrežnica gorge is so narrow and deep that the sun’s rays only touch the river bed for a few hours each day creating spectacular light effects. After passing cliffs of carved white rocks, lush vegetation and cascading waterfalls, we will come to a powerful freshwater spring. After the spring you will continue downstream to the second highest waterfall on the river which is 8 m high. You’ll take a break by the waterfall before continuing down the river.

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