Rivers of Carpathians

River Cheremosh

River Cheremosh

The Chornyi Cheremosh is the only mountain river in Ukraine, where the water level is always high enough for rafting. The upper section of the Chornyi Cheremosh—from Burkut to Zelene—is characterized by low or medium complexity riffles. In this section there is only one fairly complicated rapid—Nyzhniy Berdy, which has punctured many rafts.

The 10 kilometers from Zelene to Krasnyk contains all the significant rapids in the Chornyi Cheremosh—the Verkhnya and Nyzhnya Dzembronya, Bila Kobyla and the Verkhnyy and Nyzhnyy Huk. The current can reach 10 km/hr; the river is, on average, 30 meters wide. You will find almost every type of obstacle in this stretch of Cheremosh.

Cheremosh River Rafting

In the section downstream from Krasnyk the river becomes calm, downstream of Verkhovyna rapids reappear and remain until the river joins the Bilyi Cheremosh. The rapids of the Bilyi Cheremosh are located in its upper reaches and are generally more complicated than those found in the Chornyi Cheremosh. However, catching the Bilyi Cheremosh when the water is high enough for rafting is difficult.

In the village of Usteriky the Chornyi and Bilyi Cheremosh converge to form the Cheremosh River. The Cheremosh is calmer than either of the rivers which join to create it. Obstacles can be found leading up to Vyzhnytsya. The rapid Amiho appeared recently near Vyzhnytsya as the river created a new channel. It contains a nearly 2 meter drop which is indiscernible upon approach.

Rafting on Cheremosh

Cheremosh River Rafting

Cheremosh Rafting is our tribute to the Carpathian tradition. Cheremosh is an interesting white-water rafting river with many rapids and perhaps the most popular one in Ukraine. Usually we organize white-water rafting closer to Lviv. The less known rivers Svicha and Mizunka are not less exciting, with one exception – the water level is lower. Therefore in the dry season, the alternative to Cheremosh Rafting simply does not exist.

Getting to to Cheremosh from Lviv takes about 4-5 hours, that’s why we recommend Cheremosh rafting as a multi-day rafting tour. If you travel from Kiev, it is more convenient to rich Cheremosh via Ivano-Frankivsk (not via Lviv) - in this case, we arrange a bus from Ivano-Frankivsk, and deliver our rafting equipment and instructors from Lviv. It is better to dedicatate two or free days to Raft on Cheremosh.

Rafting on Cheremosh is one of the most exciting rafting tours in Ukraine. Especially interesting, it is in the spring or after the rainfalls - during high water.

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