Rafting in Ukraine

Catarafts / Rafts


Catarafts are constructed from the same materials as rafts and they also are rowed with oars. Typical catarafts are constructed from two inflatable pontoons on either side of the craft that are bridged by a frame.

Catarafts usually more maneuverable than a typical raft but still very safe. They’re the sports cars of a any river trip, and like sports cars, they carry fewer passengers, but provide a lot of fun for the driver. The capacity of our catarafts is 4-6 persons (one of them usually is an instructor), but even 2 persons could easily steer it, unlike the typical raft.

Rafting is a worldwide phenomenon, but in the countries of the former Soviet Union catarafting is more popular. A cataraft or catamaran is a boat with two parallel inflatable hulls connected by a frame. A catamaran is easier to maneuver and has less drag which allows it to be used in shallower, flat rivers. It is however, a little more dangerous than a raft. In America catamarans or catarafts are most often used for fishing while rafts are used for recreating on White Water Rivers.

A typical cataraft consists of two inflatable hulls attached to one another by a frame. Oars are used to steer both catarafts and rafts. Catarafts are more maneuverable as compared to a regular raft; going down a river in a cataraft is more interesting. They are the sport’s cars of river recreation and as with every sports car, they can hold fewer passengers. Four to eight individuals can fit in a cataraft and one of them is usually the instructor. Unlike a standard raft, two people can easily handle a cataraft.


Using catarafts or catamarans on the rivers is a soviet tradition. They are not used in Europe; in America they are used largely for fishing. These vessels have huge potential as they can be used anywhere.

Catarafts can be used on Mountain Rivers and on calm flat rivers. Their stability is comparable to a kayak or canoe. Catarafts are very versatile and can transform into 3 other vessels. Sails can be affixed to so that passengers can capture the power of wind to voyage across open water, or a motor can be attached for speed.

An experienced crew on a cataraft can easily take on Grade 5 rapids because of the crafts maneuverability. Remember that helmets are as important as life jackets and oars in these situations.

River catarafts come in two, four, six, eight or ten person crafts. The larger crafts are usually used for sailing.