River Prut

The Prut is probably the second most popular Carpathian River for rafting. When the water level is high it is extremely difficult to navigate and succeeding would make anyone proud. It’s a shame that the water level is so unpredictable. The roughly 30 km section from Vorokhta to Yaremche is great for rafting when the water level is average to high. This stretch has moderately difficult rapids: the Trystupinchata--at the end of Vorokhta, Vodospadnyy—near Mikulychyn and Kosyy—between Mikulychyn and Yaremche.


The most difficult spot on the Prut is the nearly 2 km long Yaremche Canyon which begins in Yaremche near the Hutsul’shchyna Resort (on the right bank) and ends 200-300 meters after the Probiy waterfall near the bridge.

Once in the canyon the rapids back up one against the other with only very short breaks in between, specifically between Prykarpats’kyy, the Dovbush Squeeze and the Probiy waterfall which is a grade 5 rapid. It is worth noting that when the water level is low the shoals are difficult to navigate and when the water is high they are very dangerous. Regardless of the water level the Probiy waterfall should only be attempted by the most skilled and experienced rafters.

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