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Hiking to Velykyy Verkh

Velykyy Verkh
  • Type: hiking, white-water
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Difficulty: highh
  • Accomodation: mountain lodges
  • Map: hiking mt. Velykyy Verkh
  • Price: €180

Unbelievably breath taking views await you on the high Borzhava Mountain Ridge where you will spend the night in a remote spot beside a mountain lake. The hike up Velykyy Verkh requires significant physical stamina; there is a less physically demanding alternative which includes overnighting at tourist areas which is suitable for practically everyone.

Velykyy Verkh

Itinerary of hiking to Velykyy Verkh

  • Day 1—Travel from Lviv to Slavs’k. Hike to the base camp in the mountains (near the Khashchovanya-Studenyy Lakes); overnight at the base camp.
  • Day 2—Hike up the Mountain Velykyy Verkh, visit the Shypit waterfall and overnight in tents under the stars.
  • Day 3—Climb to the summit and overnight in tents.
  • Day 4—Return to Base Camp to overnight.

What to pack for a hiking trip to Velykyy Verkh

Don’t take anything you don’t absolutely need, because you’ll have to carry it. Don’t take extra shoes, better to take several warm pairs of socks. Don’t take personal axes or heaters use the communal ones. There won’t be time to read a book, so don’t take on with you. Don’t take food or anything else in glass containers. Take aluminium or plastic personal dishes and utensils, they are lighter than other alternatives. Pack sugar and grains in plastic bottles. Alcohol is forbidden during the hike! Any food you take should contain minimal liquid content (potatoes and tomatoes aren’t good items to pack).

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