Incentive Tours in Ukraine

Incentive Tour to Volhynia

Tour to Volhynia
  • Type: biking, flat-water, ethno, narrow gauge railway
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Accomodation: hotels, agro-hotels, kampings
  • Map: Tour to Volhynia
  • PriceЦіна: €450

An incentive tour through the Volhynia Region – rafting through dense forests and cane thickets down the absolutely fascinating Stokhid River, dubbed the “Ukrainian Amazon”. A ride on the longest functioning European narrow gauge railway through the heart of Prypiat’s forests and swamps. Biking trips through one of the least urbanized regions of the world, where people live in wooden houses and are at one with nature: they travel by horseback, subside off of what grows on the local river banks and in the forests, and speak their own dialect. Our travel itinerary includes visits to 2 of Ukraine’s natural wonders – the Basalt Columns and the Tunnel of Love. A visit to the Tarakaniv Fort is a must. And lastly, a ride down the picturesque Sluch River, which served as a natural borderline between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the USSR during the Interwar Period. If you decide to visit the Volyn region during the summer, don’t forget to bring your mosquito repellent lotions and sprays.

The Volhynia Region is made up of vast low-lying marshy plains with only a few isolated hills and plateaus.

The climate of the Volhynia Regions is a Temperate Continental climate with warm humid summers and mild, cloudy winters. The rivers flowing through Volyn usually consist of wide valleys and swampy floodplains and belong to the Dnieper River Basin. The biggest Volyn rivers are the Prypiat, Sluch, Styr, Stokhid, and Turiya Rivers. Lakes are also an integral part of Volyn’s landscape.

Forests are a characteristic feature of Volhynia's landscape. The types of forests that grow in the region greatly depend on the area’s soil type and topography. The main tree species that grow in the Volyn region are pine (57.4%), oak (20.6%), birch (10/2%), black alder, and hornbeam. Volyn’s flora is extremely rich and diverse. Approximately 100 plant species with medicinal properties, 90 types of plants with beneficial vitamins, and over 90 types of plants that can be used as natural dyes have all been discovered in this region. Many melliferous plants (approximately 200) have contributed to the successful development of beekeeping in the region.

The fauna in the Volhynia Region is just as diverse and colorful. Over 60 species of mammals (out of 100 that can be found in Ukraine), 276 species of birds (out of 350), and over 30 species of fish can be found in the region. This without a doubt has a noticeable impact on Volyn’s economic development and activity.

The environment and natural resources of Volhynia have historically had a significant impact on the settlement and life of the local people. The native inhabitants speak a Western Polissya dialect and are for the most part Orthodox.

Volhynia Incentive Tour

  • Day 1. Stokhid River Rafting. Camping.
  • Day 2. Stokhid River Rafting or cycling. Camping.
  • Day 3. Stokhid River Rafting or cycling. Hotel in Lyubeshiv.
  • Day 4. Cycling into the heart of Pripyat marshes. Traveling by narrow gauge railway to the village of Ostrivske and back (9.49 - 11.07 14.03 - 15.22) Camping on the shore of Lake Horomne.
  • Day 5. Local tracks in the woods near the lake Horomne. Return to civilization by narrow-gauge railway (coming to Antonivka - 18.05) Check-in in Sarny.
  • Day 6. Sluch River Rafting. Falcon mountains. Camping on the river bank.
  • Day 7. Sluch River Rafting. Check-in in Rivne.
  • Day 8. Cycling Kostopil - Berestovets (Basalt Pillars) - Klevan (Tunnel of Love). Check-in in Dubno.
  • Day 9. Cycling Dubno - Tarakaniv. Excursion to Tarakaniv fort. Return to Lviv.

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