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Transcarpathian Region

Transcarpathian Region
  • Type: biking, white-water, tracking, ethno, city-tour
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Accomodation: hotels, mountain lodges
  • Map: travel to Transcarpathia
  • Price: €450

A trip through Transcarpathia – imagine vast blanketed areas of beech forests that cover wave-like volcanic mountain ranges. Among the green sea of forests you’ll see picturesque islets of residual rocks, all of which we will visit often. We will also visit some small calm mountain lakes that used to be volcanic craters. Fairy tale castles and ancient cities such as Uzhgorod and Mukachevo are also on our list of places to visit.

Our hiking and biking trips will alternate with catarafting along the serene parts of the Uzh and Tysa Rivers and, per request, whitewater rafting along the Tereblya River in the mountains. This will depend on the water level and the group’s wishes.

The customs and culture of the Transcarpathian region are just as unique and diverse as its demographic makeup. We’ll spend a few nights in typical homes of families that represent various Transcarpathian ethnic groups and we’ll get to taste their traditional dishes and local wines and cheeses.

Transcarpathia is an area located behind the Carpathian Mountains, at the junction of Ukraine’s borders with four neighboring countries: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. A landmark has been erected near the Ukrainian city of Rakhiv that pinpoints the geographical center of Europe.

Not only do Ukrainians, Lemkos (in the Northwest), and Hutsuls (in the East) live in Transcarpathia, but Hungarians, Russians, Romanians, Slovaks, and Roma (gypsies) have also settled in this area. Transcarpathia is a mountainous region: approximately 80% of its territory consists of mountain ranges. Mt. Goverla (2061 m), the highest peak in Ukraine is located in Transcarpathia. Almost half of the Transcarpathian Oblast is covered with forest. 152 rivers, which all belong to the Tysa basin, flow through the Transcarpathian region. Among the more notable rivers are the Borzhava, Latorica, Uzh, etc.

The Transcarpathian Oblast consists of many natural landmarks that are protected by Ukrainian law, including the Carpathian Reserve and the Synevyr National Natural Park, where Europe’s largest assortment of beech forests can be found. The Zacharovana Dolyna (Enchanted Valley) Reserve is a scenic valley known for its strange rock formations. There are many picturesque waterfalls in the area: Voyevodin and Shypit, among others. Transcarpathia’s wildlife is also quite diverse – its rivers and lakes are teaming with various species of valuable fish such as trout and grayling.

A mild climate, picturesque mountain landscapes, numerous mineral springs, and historical landmarks all make Transcarpathia one of the most attractive tourist regions in Ukraine.

Transcarpathian Tour Programme

Day 1. Lviv - Vyshka

  • Departure from Lviv 8.00
  • Lunch: shish-kebab (shashlyk) 13.00
  • Uhzocky bypass - downhill biking 14.00
  • Check-in in Vyshka 16.30
  • Hiking to mountain Krasiya (1036 m.) 17.30
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 2. Vyshka - Uzhgorod

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Cycling along Uzh River valley 9.30
  • Lunch 13.00
  • Uzh River Rafting 14.00
  • Check-in in Uzhgorod 19.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 3. Uzhgorod - Nevytske

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Coty Tour in Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod castle and Uzhgorod scansen 10.00
  • Lunch 14.00
  • Check-in in Nevytske 15.00
  • Visit to Nevytskyj castle, walk to Antolovetska Poliana, mountain lake and Falcon Rock 10.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 4. Nevytske - Mukachevo

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip 10.00
  • Hiking to Abavsky Rock or tracking to waterfall Voyevodyn
  • Lunch in the mountains - sandwiches, tea 14.00
  • Latorica River rafting - optional 15.00
  • Check-in in Mukachevo - 19.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 5. Mukachevo - Ilnytsya

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Visit Mukachevo castle 9.00
  • Check-in and Lunch in Ilnytsya 13.00
  • Cycling to Zacharovana Dolyna – a wonderful valley with rocky missives 14.00
  • Dinner 19.00

Day 6. Ilnytsya - Khust

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Check-in and lunch in Khust 12.00
  • Tisa River Rafting 14.00
  • Dinner 18.00
  • Cycling to Nyhznie Selyshche – degustation of local homemade cheeses

Day 7. Khust - Kolochava

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Check-in in Kolochava 12.00
  • Lunch 12.30
  • Kolochava River Rafting or cycling trip to bypass Pryslop
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 8. Kolochava - mt. Nehrovets - Kolochava

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Climbing mountain ridge Pyshkonya and mt. Nehrovets 10.00
  • Lunch in the highlands - sandwiches and tea 14.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 9. Kolochava - Synyevyr Lake - Mizhgirya - Lviv

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Cycling to Synyevyr Lake 10.00
  • Cycling to town Mizhgirya 12.00
  • Lunch 14.00
  • Check-in and dinner in Lviv 20.00

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