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Carpathians: Hutsulshcnyna

Carpathians - Hutsulshcnyna
  • Type: biking, white-water, trecking, ethno
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Accomodation: hotels, mountain lodges
  • Map: travel to Hutsulshcnyna
  • Price: €360

A trip through the Hutsul Region (Hutsulshcnyna) – biking and/or walking trips through majestic, dark fir tree forests; a hike up Mt. Goverla, the tallest peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians; rafting through the most turbulent rivers in the area – the Prut and Cheremosh Rivers; a visit to the heart of Hutsulshchyna and arguably the most interesting ethnic region in all of Ukraine – the Kosiv Region; a chance to spend the night in a real Hutsul house in the highlands and the opportunity to taste genuine Hutsul cuisine.

Hutsulshchyna occupies the highest and most picturesque area of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Although the gentle rolling mountains are located at a fairly high elevation, the area is still quite densely populated and agricultural life thrives there. In addition, thanks to the nearby Black Sea climate, the average temperature is higher in this region than in other parts of the Carpathians. Widespread lush valleys in this area are ideal for shepherding.

The climate of Hutsulshchyna is Temperate Continental with clearly defined altitudinal zonation. In the foothills the winters are almost snowless, the summers are warm and the spring is rainy. In the Carpathians the winters are longer and harsher while the summers are cooler. The Ukrainian Carpathians are extremely humid and precipitation here is not uncommon.

Two thirds of Hutsulshchyna is covered in forests. Amongst the different types of trees in the area, spruce and fir trees are the most predominant. As for wildlife, Hutsulshchyna is home to over 60 different animal species: deer, roe deer, wolves, foxes, lynx, bears, otters, badgers, rabbits, etc. Rare types of birds and fish can be found in the region as well.

There are quite a few mineral springs in the Hutsul Region that have valuable medicinal properties.

Hutsulshcnyna Tour Programme

Day 1. Lviv - Yaremche

  • Departure from Lviv 8.00
  • Check-in in Jaremche 12.00
  • Rafting on Prut River 12-00 - 15-00
  • Lunch: Shish-Kebab (Shashlyk) 16.00
  • Bicycle trip to waterfall Probij and Dovbush Rocks 16.30 - 20.30
  • Dinner 21.00

Day 2. Yaremche - Vorokhta

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Check-in in Vorokhta 9.30
  • Climbing Mount Hoverla – the highest mountain in Ukrainian Carpathians 10.30
  • Lunch in the highlands - sandwiches and tea in a thermos 14.00
  • Dinner 21.00

Day 3. Vorokhta - Verkhovyna

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip to Verhovyna 10.00
  • Check-in and lunch in Verkhovyna 13.00
  • Black Cheremosh River Rafting 15.00
  • Dinner - 20.00

Day 4. Verkhovyna - Tyudiv

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Вicycle trip or Cheremosh River Rafting 9.00
  • Lunch 15.00
  • Hiking Sokolets mountain ridge, excursions to rocky missives 16.00
  • Accommodation in authentic Hutsul’s hat in highlands 19.00
  • Native Hutsul’s dinner 20.30

Day 5. Tyudiv - Sheshory

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip along Sokolets mountain ridge 9.00
  • Lunch in Kosiv - the heart of Hutsul's region 14.00
  • Accommodation in village Sheshory 15.00
  • Bicycle trip to Lebedyn Lake 16.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 6. Sheshory - Zalishchyky

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Ustechko 10.30
  • Bicycle trip to the ruins of the castle and to the waterfall 11.00
  • Lunch 13.00
  • Check-in 20.00
  • Dinner 21.00

Day 7. Zalishchyky - Lviv

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Town Chortkiv, visit to cave Mlynky 10.00
  • Lunch 14.00
  • Return to Lviv 20.30
  • Check-in and dinner in Lviv 21.00

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