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Carpathians: Boykivshchyna

  • Type: biking, white-water, trecking, narrow-gauge railway
  • Duracion: 7 days
  • Difficukty: moderate
  • Accomodation: hotels, mountain lodges
  • Map: travel to Boykivshchyna
  • Price: €360

While traveling throughout the ethnic Boyko Region (Boykivshchyna) and its surrounding areas, we’ll descend the Parashka Mountain, one of the highest in the Skole Beskids; we’ll float down the Stryi and Dniester Rivers; we’ll travel along the Mizunka River by a narrow-gauge railroad; we’ll go down Velykyj Verkh, one of the highest Carpathian peaks, and we’ll bike through the most beautiful of Carpathian valleys. We’ll spend the night in a real Boyko house and will enjoy some delicious Boyko cuisine.

The name of the ethnic region, Boykivshchyna, comes from the name of the ethnic group “Boykos”, who are renowned for their enchanting songs, expressive dances, and artistic wood carvings.

Boykivshchyna is located between two long Carpathian ranges: the Beskids and the Gorgans. The Beskids, which make up the Eastern part of Boykivshchyna, are known for their intensively crumpled reliefs that, over time, have folded or lapped over each other, forming asymmetrical, gentle sloping ridges. The Gorgans are located between two valleys: Mizunky to the Northwest and Cheremosh to the Southeast. The Gorgans are made up of asymmetrical, slim comb-like ridges with steep northeastern slopes and hard sandstone peeking out on the ridges’ crests.

The peculiar geomorphic composition of this region of the Carpathians, its complex hydrological system and mild climate have formed a unique plant community in this area. The richness of the flora and fauna of Boykivshchyna without a doubt have transformed this piece of the Carpathians into a small isolated area of distinct natural beauty. Fir trees dominate the flora of the Boyko region, and subalpine meadows are quite common. The summer climate of Boykivshchyna, as in the Carpathian Mountains in general, is quite humid – 80% of the total annual precipitation falls during the summer.

There are many natural landmarks in the Boyko Region: a waterfall over the Kamyanka River, and cliffs near the villages of Rozhirche, Urych and Bubnyshche (Dovbush Rocks), most of which we’ll get a chance to visit together.

Boykivshchyna Tour Programme

Day 1. Lviv - Syniovydne

  • Departure from Lviv 8.00
  • Check-in 10.00
  • Stryj River Rafting 11-00 - 14-00 (visiting cave monastery in the village of Rozhirche - optional)
  • Lunch: shish-kebab (shashlyk) - 14.00
  • Bicycle trip to Dovbush Rocks 15.30 - 20.30
  • Dinner 21.00

Day 2. Syniovydne - Tuholka

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Visiting waterfall Kamjanka 9.30
  • Climbing Mount Parashka (or chairlift to the mount Play) 10:30
  • Lunch in the highlands - sandwiches and tea in a thermos 14.00
  • Accomodation in native Bojks hut 18.00
  • Bojks traditional dinner 19.00

Day 3. Tuholka - Podobovets

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip through Old Veretski mountain bypass 10.00
  • Lunch in Volovets - 14.00
  • Bicycle trip Volovets - Podobovets 15.00
  • Check-in in Podobovets 19.00
  • Dinner 20.00
  • Optional: bicycle excursion to the waterfall Shypot 20.00

Day 4. Podobovets – mt. Velykyj Verkh - Podobovets

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Hiking mt. Velykyj Verkh – 1590 m. above sea level. Visiting waterfall Shypot.
  • Dinner 19.00

Day 5. Podobovets - Vyhoda

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip Podobovets - Mizhgirya
  • Lunch in Vyhoda 14.00
  • Carpathian Tram - narrow-gauge railway trip in the mountains of 15-00 - 19-00
  • Check-in 19.30
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 6. Vyhoda - Bibrka

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Dniester River Rafting 10.30
  • Lunch: shish-kebab (shashlyk) 14.00
  • Check-in 19.00
  • Dinner 20.00

Day 7. Bibrka - Lviv

  • Breakfast 8.00
  • Bicycle trip to Kamula hill and to Svirzh Castle 10.00
  • Lunch in Bibrka 14.00
  • Bicycle trip to Lviv 15.00
  • Check-inn and dinner in Lviv 20.00

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