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Active Vacations in Lviv

Vacations in Lviv
  • Type: excursions, white-water, biking
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Difficulty: easy / moderate
  • Accomodation: hotel or hostel
  • Map: active vacations in Lviv
  • Price: €360

During the program Vacation in Lviv Region we’ll get acquainted with the architecture and history of Lviv; we’ll go catarafting along the whitewater Stryi River and the calm Dniester River; we’ll visit the Olesko, Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv, and Svirzh Castles; we’ll bike along some scenic roads through the hills and forests of the Lviv Region and the valleys of the Carpathian Mountains; we’ll visit the Krekhiv and Univ Monasteries and one of the most famous Orthodox shrines, Pochayiv Lavra; we’ll explore the great natural wonders that are the Dovbush Rocks; and we’ll visit the interesting but yet-to-be-discovered places in the Lviv Region such as the little town of Stil’ske.

The Lviv Region is well-known as one of the best places in Ukraine to plan a recreational vacation. The most interesting area for a recreational vacation is probably the southern part of the Lviv oblast’, which includes the Ukrainian Carpathians and Prykarpattia (the area at the foot of the Carpathians). The most interesting cities and towns in the Lviv Region are Lviv, Zhovkva, Drohobych, Horodok, Sambir, and Zolochiv.

Lviv’s landscape is diverse thanks to its location at the junction of various physiographic regions. The biggest rivers in the region are the Dniester and Western Bug. The Dniester is an absolutely fascinating river for outdoor activities such as rafting and kayaking.

The most important tourist attractions in the Lviv Region are Lviv’s Old Town, Olesko Castle, the remains of the cliffside Tustan Fortress, downtown Zhovkva, the Krekhiv Monastery, and the ancient Rus settlement in Stilsko dating back to the 10th-13th centuries.

The Carpathian Mountains take up almost one-third of the total area of the Lviv Region. This area is typically covered with dense forests made up of mostly pine and beech trees. The richest and most interesting vegetation can be found in the Carpathian valleys of the Parashka and Pikuj Mountains. These two mountains are of great interest to those interested in recreational vacations.

An interesting geomorphological feature of the Lviv Region is the European watershed between the Baltic and Black Sea Basins that passes right through the region.

Numerous tributaries of the Dniester River originate in the Lviv Region’s mountainous area and most of them are excellent for organizing various types of recreational water activities: catarafting, rafting and kayaking. Some rapids can reach a Class III level of difficulty.


  • Day 1. Lviv City Tour, bicycle trip through the lush forests just outside Lviv: Devil’s Rocks, Medova Cave, Vulki.
  • Day 2. Stryi River Rafting, visiting Kiev-Russian rock-fortress Tustan in the village of Urich or cycling to picturesque Dovbush Rocks.
  • Day 3. Historical Town Zhovkva. Cycling Zhovkva – Krekhiv - Yaniv. Visiting Krekhiv Monastery and military polygon.
  • Day 4. Dniester River Rafting, visiting the biggest Slavic settlement Stilske
  • Day 5. Cycling to mt. Kamula - Svirzh Castle - Univ Monastery.
  • Day 6. Tour to the Lviv Region Castles: Olesko - Pidhirci - Zolochiv. Cycling from Olesko to Zolochiv.
  • Day 7. Tour to Pochaiv Lavra. Cycling trip: Pidkamin - Pochaiv Lavra – Kremenets.

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