Dniester Reservoir Motorafting (3 days)

  • Regions the border of Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi Oblasts
  • Duration 3 days
  • Distance 116 km.
  • Accomodation camping or hotels
  • Price € 40 / day
  • Age from 10
  • Number of paticipants from 3 to 8 per motoraft
  • Meals breakfasts, dinners

The absence of any current in the Dniester Reservoir makes it unsuitable for un-motorized vessels but most fascinating for motorized boats. The canyon walls are bigger and higher and their form is bizarre and mysterious. You can make out sphynxes, stupas, amphorae and phalluses! This area is famous for its clean and warm water.

Itinerary—Motorafting the Dniester Reservoir


Day 1 — arrive in Kamyanets-Podilskyi and travel to the Dniester where you will breakfast and visit the Khotyn Fortress. After that you will receive safety instructions before boarding the motorafts on the Dniester. During the first stop you will have time to explore the mouth of the Smotrych River including the giant rock outcrop called Holova Veletnya (Large Head). After that: lunch, a stop at bukhta vaz in the village of Bahovytsya where nature, aided by water, wind and sun carved countless amphorae-vases in the valley walls. Dinner.

Day 2 — breakfast and board the motorafts and continue the journey. We’ll stop to explore the national geological monument of Shyshkovi Horby (Pinecone hills), which are the remnants of a coral reef from the Sarmatian Sea. The Shyshkovi Horby form the left wall of the canyon and reach heights of 30-40 meters. The cliffs on the right hand side look like women’s figures carved out of rock. This portion of the Dniester Canyon is called the Stina Zhinochykh Dush (Wall of Womens’ Souls). In this area you can see an entire cascade of waterfalls. Dinner.

Day 3 — breakfast and continue the journey along the Dniester to Bakots’ka Bay where we lunch and then explore the area including the Bakots’kyi Cave Monestery. Then it’s back to Kamyanets-Podilskyi.

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