Motorized rafting (motorafting) is a new kind of recreation in Ukraine and we make it available, exclusively, to our guests. We offer one, two and three day trips on motorized rafts on the Dniester and other rivers in Western Ukraine. Just like it sounds, a motorized raft is equipped with a motor which ensures a restful and relaxing experience. Because they don’t require much physical exertion, they are a good choice for family outings, corporate events or for any other group. The motor enables guests to visit places that are difficult to reach when moving solely on manpower; this feature gives these trips a unique flavor and variety.

There are significant advantages to motorafting: you can cover significant distances swiftly and travel upstream allowing you to ride interesting rapids more than once.

Motorafting is appropriate for everyone, regardless of physical fitness or abilities.

One of the most interesting trips, which we offer on a motoraft, is on the Dniester, with its incredible landscapes and countless spots of interest along the way. Rafting in Ukraine offers many different motoraft trips for you to choose from; starting with a several hour jaunt from Zhuravnо to Tsvitova to a multi-day tour along the Dniester.

One-day Dniester Motorafting

Dniester Canyon Motorafting (2 days)

Dniester Reservoir Motorafting (3 days)