Dniester Canyon Motorafting (2 days)

  • Region the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopol Oblasts
  • Duration 2 days
  • Distance 65 km.
  • Accomodation camping or hotel
  • Price € 40 / day
  • Age restrictions from 10
  • Nomber of participants from 3 to 8 per one motoraft
  • Meals breakfasts and dinners

A motoraft trip through the upper reaches of the Dniester Canyon from Nyzhniv to Luka. This trip spans 65 km. If paddling it would take 3-4 days; with motorafts we do it in two.

Itinerary—Motorafting the Dniester Canyon


Day 1 — Group arrives in Ivano-Frankivs’k and travels from the train station to the Dniester. Our launch site is at the start of the Dniester Canyon, in the village of Nyzhniv. The motorafts are prepared for launch while guests receive some basic safety instructions. Then we launch the motorafts and start the journey which will include the following stops on day 1:

  • The 19th century palace and grounds of Count Stanislav Badeni located in Koropets. On the grounds you can see hundred year old relict ginko trees.
  • A cave church in a travertine grotto, hidden behind by a waterfall.

Day 2 — Continue down the Dniester to the village of Luka stopping along the way at:

  • A cascade of waterfalls near the village of Vozyliv.
  • Divochi Sl’ozy (Girls’ Tears) waterfall, which cuts through the travertine and is surrounded by stalactite and stalagmite in spectacular grottos. This waterfall is fascinating because the ffalling water and the thick mixed vegetation that surrounds it creates the impression that the cliff is weeping.
    • Depart Luka for Ivano-Frankivs’k where train #44, to Kyiv, departs at 18-15.

The price of the trip includes:

  • 2 meals a day
  • Motoraft
  • Camping gear (tent and other general equipment)
  • Instructors
  • Not included in the Price:

    • Travel from Ivano-Frankivs’k to the Dniester Canyon and back
    • Personal gear (sleeping bag and camp mat)

      • To book Dniester Canyon Motorafting please fill in an event booking form or, alternatively, send us a message.

        After the confirmation, we'll ask you to pay a deposit – 50% of the price. The rest could be paid upon the arrival.

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