A Walk to Znesinnia Park

A walk to Znesinnia Park

Znesinnia Park, despite its central location and a big territory, is crossed by hundreds of paths, each of which might be a walking route.

From a learning point of view there seems to be a very interesting long route, which starts from city centre, from upper part of Kryvonosa street. When Kryvonosa street comes into Opryshkivska street, we should turn right and pass a college training ground to get to the improvised gateway entrance to Znesinnia Park. Just after the entrance there is a children's playground. On the right there is Leo's Hill (also called by mistake Bald Hill) with a cross on the top to commemorate all those Leopolitans, who perished in the Afghan war.

The path leads to administrative office of Znesinnia Park. On Dovbusha street, above which on the hill there is«a former Cathedral of Saint Wojciech. The track passes another playground to come to steps from earth, which traverse a western slope of Kaiserwald. It is possible to turn either radically left to come down to a former sand quarry and a small lake; or slightly left to come to a clearing with an alcove, and from which a big part of Znesinnia Park is seen.

Znesinnia Park

When taking right and straight the route will go along a neglected and partly dilapidated road, built in the end of the 19th century along a northern slope. But the most interesting is a walk into a lower part of the Park. We go left, along the quarry rib, which separates a big clearing with a lake from cemetery. The path runs into Zaklynskykh street, which leads to Ascension Church, a nice example of sacral architecture of the beginning of the 20th century.

From the Church Staroznesenska street becomes a track towards Kryvchytsi; but if you turn right near the statue of Virgin Mary, you may come to the top of Baba or Rid Hill. The top of the Hill there was a pagan shrine and prehistoric settlement. In the vicinity of this Hill in 1918 there were severe fights for control of Pidzamche railway station, from which railway road was spreading to Sokal,Ternopil, and Lychakiv.The Hill is a good sightseeing place to watch the trains to and from Lviv.

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