A Walk to the High Castle

ПThe High Castle in Lviv

The High Castle is associated first of all with panorama of Lviv, as the Castle Hill tops the very centre of the city.

The mount of Union of Lublin is not the only attraction of the Park. A bit lower, just opposite to the TV Centre there is the only remaining defensive wall from Kazymir's Castle; and a stone lion, taken here from the City Hall.

The High Castle

To get to the sightseeing area there are steps from southeastern and western slopes. But ascending the mound is not the only option for walking. If you come to the central alley from Kryvonosa street and go straight on, you will come across a big stone with slightly visible words in Polish. This stone served as pedestal for monument to Sobiesky, which stood in the centre of the city. When the monument was dismantled and taken to Poland, the pedestal was brought to Vysokyy Zamok.

A walk to the High Castle

When the ally is divided near western flight of steps there is a commemorative plate with a promise from the city to build on this place a monument to a Cossack colonel Maxym Kryvonos, who seized the fortress for the first time in its history during Bohdan Khmelnytskyy's war.

The right wing of the alley is making an arc around a western slope of the Park. On the right there is Pidzamche area with railway station of the same name; Zamarstyniv; Church (and fortress) of Saint Paraskeva Friday, industrial and residential areas. In the western part there is an artificial grotto from 19th centuries with two stone lions and steps.

The alley circles the Hill and leads to house of gardener and restaurant Vysokyy Zamok, where a cobbled road starts. From the alley to the right there is a descent to Zamkova street- a 10-minute-walk, and you are in the downtown.

On the way to TV Centre there is a lower sightseeing cite, from where you can admire numerous cathedral domes and City Hall Tower.

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