A Walk to the Devil's Rocks

A walk to the Devil's Rocks

As the Devil's Rocks are away from Lviv, it is better to get there from Lysynychi direction (city bus Ne 217) or other public transport, going to Vynnyky (to the bus stop Ozero).

The Devil's Rocks

Majority of walking routes here come to the Devil's Rocks. From the bus stop you can take a rather steep road at the entrance to Vynnykivskyy Woods. The road crosses the railways, and becomes even, going along a ravine side and meeting other roads from Lysynychi direction.

From time to time there is a yellow-white marking on the trees, thus there are no big chances to lose the way. An even stage is finished by an abrupt but not very long climb to a clearing, from which Cliffs are seen on the left. A bit further, and you are near them. Now you can have a rest and make a fire, have protection against wind and rain (in the outside cliff there is a natural arc).

On the way back to Lviv you can go across Lysynychi woods and come to Tract Hlynianskyy. At first the road, which is a serpentine, could be slippery, especially during rain. In these situations tourist shoes are the best option. Then the road became gentler and leads to a first private building in Lysynychi. Across the forest there is a water reservoir. The road takes to Tract Hlynianskyy, and eventually to tram Ns 2 stop or public transport in the upper part of Lychakivska street.

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