Cycling in Park Zalizna Voda

Zalizna Voda

As there is only one main alley in park Zalizna Voda, which goes parallel to Stusa street, the park has rather a transitional role for cycling. The park enables to bypass traffic jams on Myrnogo and Stusa streets and get to Ivana Franka street and further to the city centre; or to the upper part of Ivana Franka street and further to Stryiskyy Park.

Zalizna Voda

The old apple garden on the territory of the park seems to be the only remains from the former Snopkiv village.

Among the park flora, arranged in 1920s, beech trees, oak trees, birches, poplars, willows, decorative plants and shrubs prevail. Most of paths traverse the slopes or go along the upper terrace. They are suitable for cycling, although need better care.

On the final turn of Sventsitsitsky street in the former monastery building now there is an administrative office of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Deep in the park Zalizna Voda on a gentle slope there were ski training lessons for youth and children, conducted by the «Carpathian Ski Club», renewed in 1989. This place remains popular among ski lovers, who for various reasons, have to stay in Lviv for winter weekends.

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