Stryiskyy Park Cycling Routes

Cycling Routes in Stryiskyy Park

Cycling routes in Stryiskyy Park depend on individual creativity and fantasy. Both upper and lower parts of the park are suitable for cyclist of different skills and age.

Stryiskyy Park

There are few individual routes, designed by lovers of extreme cycling, which connect upper and lower parts, but are not in concordance with wishes of the park designers.

This area belongs to a bigger cycling route, which combines three parks: Park Zalizna Voda, Stryiskyy Park, and City Park named after Bohdan Khmel-nytskyy (we can prolong the route and add Citadel and Walnut Grove).

In 2008 in the upper part of the park the skate-park was opened; whereas all paths and alleys are used for walking and cycling routes. Since 2009 Stryiskyy Park has been undergoing reconstruction works on improving external lighting and rebuilding alleys. There is a cinema there, built in Soviet times.

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