Cycling to the Devil's Rocks

Cycling to the Devil's Rocks

It is better to start a journey to the Devil's Rocks from upper part of Lychakivska street or neighbouring streets. The easiest way to keep the road to Vynnyky, and turn left into the forest near Vynnykivske lake.

From this moment the road is not good, therefore a bicycle might become rather a load on the shoulder than a means of transportation. Skilful and well trained amateurs can manage a steep climb for next three - four hundred meters; after that a steep serpentine which turns into a muddy skating rink under rain or snow conditions.

The Devil's Rocks

A route from Lysynychi or Tract Hlynianskyy is more attractive, but requires a mountain bike. After taking Tract Hlynianskyy street to 104 Lychakivska street, you should turn right into Lodiya street. You go to the end of the street, when near a private building of acid yellow colour the road narrows into a path. For one kilometer the path goes evenly across the forest, and then starts climbing up. The distance time depends much on level of physical training and will of a cyclist.

You can get an access to the The Devil’s Rocks from railway embankment, left after dismantling of the railroad. You can use this route to Enzyme factory, although it should be taken into consideration that the route is not very good, as the embankment has been damaged by lorries.

Residents of Vynnyky and Lysynychi think that the The Devil’s Rocks defend the area against storms and hail. When clouds cover the The Davil’s Rocks, it is a sign for long bad weather. They joke that the Devil is smoking his pipe.

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