Lviv Cycling Routes

Kaiserwald Cycling Routes

Kaiserwald Cycling Routes

It is worth mentioning that all Kaiserwald cycling routes coincide with routes of Znesinnia Park, as the latter has integrated original area of Kaiserwald. Besides, the area of the landscape park "Shevchenkivskyy Hai" is banned for cycling.

It is possible to reach Kaiserwald on bicycle from five different areas: upper part of Kryvonosa street, Piskova and Krypiakevycha streets, Chernecha Hora street, from railways, separating the Park from so-called Professors’Colony area (upper parts of Lychakiv-ska street and Kryvchytska Doroha street), from Zaklynskykh and Staro-znesenska streets, along former luge track, or along Znesenskyy cemetery and a lake (in this case you’ll have to carry your bicycle for some part of a climb).

Cycling in Kaiserwald

None of the Kaiserwald routes can avoid a central asphalted lane, which runs from the entrance to Shevchenkivskyy Hai in the eastern part of the Park, through crossroad with Chernecha Hora street, ski training complex Dynamo, toward a western downhill slope on Leo’s Hill. Therefore all routes can be stages of one main route from Lychakivskyy Park through Professors’ Colony area (need to cross railways) along Kaiserwald (a steep descent at upper part of Kharkivska street, along paintball grounds, and turn to the opposite from descent direction), through playing ground, along administrative office of Znesinnia Park, Leo’s Hill into High Castle.

You can also turn into Znesinnia Park, taking a dismantled luge track, but this route requires skills and physical strength. Taking a luge track gives another option: when you turn left just after 150 meters from a «sightseeing cite» with benches, you can come into a neglected but rather good «emperor’s» road, which will take you to the already mentioned playing ground in the western area of Kaiserwald.

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