Lviv Region

The Lviv region has a unique historic cultural heritage and the wealth of her recreational resources makes it one of the top 5 most attractive tourist destinations in Ukraine.

The Lviv region is the largest western region occupying 21,800 sq. km or 3.6% of Ukraine’s total territory. It follows therefore, that it has the most architectural landmarks and many spots noted for their natural beauty. It is sure to please even the most finicky traveler. There are fortresses, palaces, ancient churches, monasteries, mountains and forests.

There are 4,000 historic architectural landmarks in the Lviv region; that’s 25% of all such landmarks in Ukraine. They range in date from the 12th to the 20th century.

The Lviv region also includes the Carpathian Mountains. Vacationing in the mountains and foothills you can be awed by castles, fortresses and palaces from the Middle Ages, wooden churches, other landmarks and interesting spots. Elements, structures and ensembles of recognized European architectural styles (pre-Mongolian Rus’, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Empire style, Modernism, etc.) have remained largely intact in the Lviv region.

Lviv Region Attractions

Lviv Region Attractions

In the nearest Lviv surroundings we recommend to visit Vynnyky and Bryukhovychi

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A Walk to the Devil's Rocks

A walk to the Devil's Rocks

As the Devil's Rocks are away from Lviv, it is better to get there from Lysynychi direction (city bus Ne 217)

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A Walk to the High Castle

ПThe High Castle in Lviv

The High Castle is associated first of all with panorama of Lviv, as the Castle Hill tops the very

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A Walk to Znesinnia Park

A walk to Znesinnia Park

Znesinnia Park, despite its central location and a big territory, is crossed by hundreds of paths,

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Pohulyanka Cycling Routes

Pohulyanka Cycling Routes

You can get to Pohulyanka Park from Vakhnyanyna street near tram N 7 stop or from University hostels

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Cycling to the Devil's Rocks

Cycling to the Devil's Rocks

It is better to start a journey to the Devil's Rocks from upper part of Lychakivska street or neighbouring streets.

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Cycling in Park Zalizna Voda

Zalizna Voda

As there is only one main alley in park Zalizna Voda, which goes parallel to Stusa street,

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Stryiskyy Park Cycling Routes

Cycling Routes in Stryiskyy Park

Cycling routes in Stryiskyy Park depend on individual creativity and fantasy. Both upper and lower parts

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Kaiserwald Cycling Routes

Kaiserwald Cycling Routes

It is worth mentioning that all Kaiserwald cycling routes coincide with routes of Znesinnia Park,

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